Where Is the Starter Located? 3 Easy Guides

Usually, place where the starter located is in the middle of the transmission and engine, especially under the left cylinder bank.

Back-wheel drive cars mostly have starters under the exhaust manifold on the rider’s edge.

Firstly, the battery’s negative terminal should be disconnected before working with the starter.

What Is A Starter?

A little motor that is powered by a battery is called a starter. The engine of your car runs through the starter. In between the battery and the starter motor, there is a starter relay that transfers power. A faulty starter relay and motor will prevent your vehicle from starting, meaning you may need to call for a tow.

Where Is the Starter Located?

where is the car starter located

The starter motor, also called the starter, is used to start the engine when you turn on the combustion key. It automatically connects and revolves around the engine flywheel.

Where will your vehicle’s starter located will depend on the engine configuration and transmission. The starter is located between the engine and the transmission on a front-wheel drive truck or car. The starter motor is mainly found on the driver’s side under the left cylinder of the engine.

A pro-tip:

The starter is always close to the flex plate or flywheel teeth, generally on one side of the engine block or another. Often, it is located under the intake manifold in the space between the cylinder heads.

Tips On How to Access the Starter Motor

where is the starter located in a car

The starter is so hard to reach in several cars that you cannot even see it. Also, it’s extremely easy to access and modify in many cars. Before you start, you must thoroughly research where the starter is located.

Although the starter located at the bottom of the front end of the engine, you still need to remove an intake manifold on some Honda four-cylinder engines to reach it.

For one of the tougher ones, for a 2007 Toyota Tundra V8, the starter sits on the right side of the engine at its rear, but labor time is more than that at the dealer because it takes just about that long to do the job. A portion of the exhaust must be removed, a few heat shields, etc.


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How To Find a Car Starter Location?

After reading our answer to this question, you will be able to find where is the starter located on your car.

Here are a few steps:

where is the starter

Step 1:

Insert the key in your car, and while the key is inserted in the car, open the bonnet of your car. Look and observe any clicking noise coming from under the bonnet of your car, then search for a secured cylindrical object close to the engine.

There, the starter located may held by two or more hex bolts; that is where the starter motor is located.

Step 2:

Trace and find the positive battery cable. A red wire should be connected to the positive terminal. It is possible to apply a rubber coating if the car is of the latest design.

Step 3:

where is the starter on a car

Continue to follow the wire until it reaches the pole connection. This pole is the element of the starter. It is located near the edge of the cylinder and has various cables that connect to other electric parts of the car.

The starter will be unique with its cylindrical shape. It consists of two unequally sized cylinders, one bigger than the other. You will see that one of them is like a solenoid, while the remaining one is the starter.


Where Is The Car Starter Located In A Ford Taurus?

To spot the starter located, look for a metal cylinder that measures 3 inches in diameter and is 5 to 7 inches long. It is fastened to the vehicle and has a small electrical connection from the crank gear.

Starter motors for the first to the third generation of the Ford Taurus are installed on the bulkhead at the rear of the engine.

From the fourth one onwards, you can specify the starter in front, near the radiator.

The starter on current-day vehicles is well hidden under a rubber splash cover; hence, you must remove the cover to view it.

Where Is The Starter On A Honda Civic?

The bonnet has a large unveiled battery located high in the engine compartment. The battery will power two terminals. Red is known for the positive terminal, and black is known for the negative terminal.

A solid black cable is running under the motor. Following with your fingertips, press against the negative terminal wire. The first place is where the start motor is located.

I attach the negative terminal wire to the starter motor. It is a six-inch-long cylinder that is linked to the wheel that rotates.

You would need to use a torch and car jacks. Lifting the front end of the car allows one to reach the engine’s belly below, where the starter located.

Where Is The 2006 Honda Accord starter located?

The starter is always connected to the transmission and is easy to locate. This can be seen on the right side of the transmission and below the left of the battery in our case. First, the battery must be disconnected and removed for two reasons: one is that it blocks the starter’s bolt access, and the other is that there is a hot, unfused wire (+12v) hooked to the starter.

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