What Is Drive Start Control Malfunction? Cause and Quick Solution

Many accidents are increasingly common nowadays due to misappropriation incidents in the car. So therefore, keeping in mind the advantage over competitors and also ensuring safety during driving, Toyota added some new features to its vehicles, such as a drive-start control system.

An important step in improving the safety features of models is the launch of the drive start control system is an important step. Where there is an immediate change from the car brake system or accelerator, the drive start control system will help to control the input as well as the output power of the engine.

Such as, the drive start Control will control the engine power automatically, which will help the car to operate in normal mode when a driver accidentally presses the accelerator too hard. Drive start control is very useful, especially for new drivers who are inexperienced.

What really is Drive Start Control Malfunction?

drive-start control malfunction

In the car industry, “Drive-Start Control Malfunction” is not commonly considered an error message or engine fault code. In some vehicle systems, it might appear as a general or detailed message when there is a problem with the ignition system. The meaning of this clear message differs according to the vehicle model. It’s important to talk with the expert mechanic or dealership service center to recognize the specified problem. They can try special-purpose analysis equipment to resolve the particular error codes. They can give a more precise solution to the error.

What are Common Causes of a Drive Start Control Malfunction?

When your drive control malfunction fails, how will you know there’s an issue with your Drive Start Control? The most precise thing you will note is that a warning light will start blinking on your car’s dashboard. However, it may be caused by some other issues, so let’s find out the reasons:

ECU Drive Start Control malfunction

drive start control malfunction toyota camry

ECU is also called an engine control unit, and it is the brain of your car. The ECU gets input from the different sensors of your car to control and determine the speed and timing. It also manages and triggers different actuators. So when the ECU fails, it can stop your car’s engine from starting and cause your engine’s computer to get invalid data.


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Ignition coil problem

The ignition coil is used to transform the low voltage into high and this process is controlled by your car’s computer. The latest ignition coils are controlled by the vehicle’s computer, which tells the burning system when to burn fuel and air mixture.

The data from different sensors of the car is stored in the computer, and it decides the ideal time for the ignition of fuel and air composition.

Faulty fuses

A faulty fuse can also be the cause of your drive-start control malfunction. Fuses are used to protect electronics in cars, which prevents explosions and overloading. Your vehicle contains a large number of electrical devices which rely on the voltages of the charging system. A faulty fuse can cause many electronic issues in the latest computer-managed cars.

ABS sensor error

To check the speed of each wheel tire and transfer the signal to the slip control ECU, an ABS sensor, also known as a Speed Sensor, is used. This sensor is located near the wheel and starts working when your vehicle works for a long time. The quality of work can be disturbed due to the dust and mud. The mud and dust make the sensor dirty, which can be problematic for detecting speed. It does not receive signals or adjust the action that transfers from the drive control system.

Bad car battery

drive control malfunction service required

A problem with your car’s battery can also become a reason for your control system malfunction. The batteries of the car act as an energy storage system that stores and converts it into electricity which then powers various electrical parts in the vehicle. Mainly, the battery is used during such a period when there are no plans of starting the car and electrical components do need electricity. So if your car battery is faulty or has some issue, it cannot provide enough power to the engine, which can cause more time to start than usual.

Rusted Connector

The basic purpose of a connector is to perform the braking function by connecting with the motor. The connector is mostly used in an urgent situation when the brake pedal is pushed.

With time, dust and rubbish gather on the connector, leaving it with rust. The sensors are connected to the car’s engine with a cable, and the pedal pressure increases due to this rust in the connector.

So, the drive start control finds it difficult to perform various operations easily. That’s why it’s also a common reason that causes drive start control malfunction.

Driving Mistakes

Sometimes, driving mistakes are also the cause of drive start control malfunction. Such as some times the driver changes the gears while holding the accelerator, which disturbs the car’s braking mechanism.

Another cause is that sometimes the driver faces various obstacles on the road, like holes and rocks, and the system only determines the objects with high surface area. While driving, the driver may fall into the hole and change the gear in a hurry, causing the system to malfunction.

Solutions For The Drive Start Control Malfunction

what does drive control malfunction mean

What problems can you face if your Drive Start Control system doesn’t work properly? First of all, your car will never start. Secondly, your car will lose power and not go to top speed. Thirdly, your car will become unstable, and your car will slip more than usual. In a situation like this, the ideal thing to do is to stop the car and take it to the technician. Although there are some solutions that you can try yourself to handle the situation,

Clean The Connector

If you haven’t cleaned your car for a very long time, the connector will be surrounded by dust and rust, which can cause drive start control malfunction. So it would be best for you to clean the connector carefully.

After cleaning, the connector should be put in the air for some time to dry. The purpose behind it is that the connector might have some leftover moisture after cleaning which can create issues in connectivity.

After the connectors are correctly cleaned, they will communicate more accurately with the car sensors.

So, the chances of drive start control malfunction will be decreased.

Check wiring

A large number of Toyota owners who face drive start control malfunction Toyota Camry state that the major cause of drive start control malfunction is noticed as the wiring issue.

Each wire in your car plays a vital role in performing the different functions. You can check whether any wire is broken or any plug is disconnected. If you find any problem with the wiring, try to fix it yourself or contact a professional.

Clean the ABS sensor

drive control malfunction

Abs sensors determine the wheel speed and transmit this signal to the ABS controller. Your car’s sensors may be damaged due to the vibrations of bumps or holes in the road. The ABS sensor should be clean to work properly.

You can clean the ABS sensor by using a soft towel, and the use of detergents should be limited to avoid unnecessary damage. The ABS sensor is an important mechanism that gives precise signals, but remember that a powerful strike can damage it.

Change the blown fuse

The fuse of your car should function properly in order to run the car smoothly without any issues. So, for this purpose, you should know how to change the fuse of your car because the fuse can be blown anywhere if there is any problem in your circuit. If you detect any issue in your fuse, then you can try to fix it yourself or contact a mechanic.


In general, driver errors, faulty fuses, and corroded connectors are responsible for the malfunctioning of the Drive Start Control. You can do it by testing the cable, cleaning the connector, or getting mechanics to fix it.

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