How to Reset ESC Light: Easy and Quick Guide

In automotive diagnostics, the ESC Light is a vital indicator. Knowing how to reset esc light is essential for ensuring both the function and safety of your vehicle. Let us dive into the fast and easy ways of RESET ESC Light to make your ride safe and steady.

What Is The Esc Light?

esc light

The traction control system works hand-in-hand with the ESC by preventing drivers from risky driving environments like slippery roads.

When information that your car is gaining or maintaining its grip on road surfaces reaches the vehicle computer, it activates an illuminated sign and applies brakes on individual wheels of a given vehicle.

If the Electronic Stability Control light is all right, it turns on and off but never stays illuminated. If the icon remains lit, that means someone has manually disabled it, or there is a broken function.

Whether the reasons are irrelevant, you need to trace this system and fix it.

Common Reasons for ESC Light Activation

There are several causes that can result in the activation of the ESC Light, such as traction control errors, sensor failures and faults in the brake system. The identification of the underlying cause is, in fact, an initial step towards resolving it. Why would the ESC light turn on?

Several Of The Reasons Are:

correctly Working system

However a good working system gives you the signal, which could be interpreted to mean that your car is slipping and it interferes with what controls of yours helps in getting out from such situation. The ESC off by reset esc light is the point when you regain control of your car.

In this regard, the light informs you that everything is normal in the system. Although you still need to pay attention because it may be meaningful

Deactivated System

Certain circumstances also require you to learn how to reset ESC light, for instance, drifting.

By pressing the Off button, you intentionally disable it, making illumination visible.

Additionally, it may also be you or your passenger pushing the Off button by mistake, and the ESC on the car dashboard keeps blinking. Therefore, click the button to discover if that was a situation.

Faulty Wheel Speed Sensors

service esc meaning

What would turn on the ESC light? The possible reason for this is that you might have a fault in your wheel speed sensor. These sensors are responsible for passing information to the system’s head.

In response, the system identifies any inconsistencies and automatically corrects them to provide smooth driving.

In case any wheel speed sensor malfunctions like giving high readings or unavailability, the whole system will be affected.

Hence, a scan tool should be used to keep track of the speed readings during driving.

 Electrical Problems

Even though it’s uncommon, the electrical parts might be at fault for your problem. If you find all components listed above working appropriately, inspect a wire between PCM and sensors, especially the exposed one close to the wheel speed sensor.

Finally, a dead battery can be the last one on your list of suspects, but don’t forget to check this element.

After replacing the battery, doing brake maintenance, or changing a tyre, verify that all parts are correctly placed.


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Where Is the Starter Located?

How To Reset ESC Light?

how to reset esc light

Diagnostic Steps

A comprehensive diagnosis is vital for reset ESC Light. This comprises an OBD-II scanner, inspecting sensors and connections and looking for any abnormalities in the brake system. How to reset esc light on a car?

Resetting Options

As the first advice, before proceeding with reset esc light, only touch to prevent an accident if you are a professional driver or mechanic.

You are advised to take your car to the auto repair shop where it can be fixed right.

How do I reset my electronic stability control? However, if you persist in attempting to reset esc light  yourself, there are three ways by which this can be done.

  1. Disconnect the battery from your vehicle, leave it for a night, and check if resetting it the next morning will cause that light to go off.
  2. You may find instructions for reinitializing or resetting in your manual  Book. Before beginning, look it up.
  3. A code reader is the quickest way to determine what caused a stability control light to come on. Suppose you want to diagnose the computer for problems with ESC and ABS (anti-lock braking system). In that case, a diagnostic scanner is needed.
    esc light on dashboard

Here’s the guideline:

  • Locate the OBD-II port on your dashboard and connect to it using a scanner.
  • Turn the ignition to ON without running your vehicle.
  • In order to read the code for defective parts, go to the ABS and ECS menus. Think if you can take these choices or not.

Once more, seeking assistance from a professional service is wiser because if you do not address the underlying problem, it may lead to an accident, which will endanger your life and that of others.

 Replacing Broken Wheel Speed Sensor

If you see that the speed sensor light is blinking at the same time, then there are chances of it being broken. Thus, how do we reset ESC light? The answer is the replacement of a defective part.

The replacement is affordable. After one swap and drives for almost a mile or two, the light will no longer blink.

Adjusting The Steering Angle

esc car

If you turn your steering wheel to the middle position but still notice that the tyres are not straight, it means that there is an offset of a certain angle in relation to its axis.

How to reset ESC light car? In this case, you can change the angle of steering.

Inspecting The Fuse

It is not common, but sometimes, you may have to look at the fuses. However, even if all the fuses function correctly, restoring them causes the signal to go off.


Is Driving With Electronic Stability Control Light On is Safe?

Yes, pretty quickly.

When the light comes on and off when you are skidding, it is a sign that everything works as expected, so there’s no need to panic.

But if you don’t switch it off, and the light is there all the time long, then check out for reasons.

If not, it can be dangerous because the system may activate ABS and brakes when you’re driving at a high speed.

What is the service esc meaning on a car?

Service ESC light indicates that the Electronic Stability Control system is not functioning as required and may fail to activate when needed.

A professional mechanic can only provide the solution to this problem, as the diagnosis and sensor failures are too difficult for an ordinary DIY mechanic.


Everyone who owns a vehicle has to learn how they can reset ESC Light. Routine care, timely diagnosis, and preventive troubleshooting ensure an enjoyable ride that is also safe.

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