What is Spoon Engine? Everything You Need To Know!

Have you ever heard of a ‘spoon engine’ and wondered what is honda spoon engine? Well, it’s not just a fancy term from movies—it’s a real thing in the car world! This post will help you understand what a spoon engine is, how it works, and why it’s essential for fast cars. Whether you’re a car fan or just curious, we’ve got all the incredible details for you. 

What is Spoon Engine?

These are high-performance engines made by Spoon Sports in Japan. They take standard Honda engine parts and improve them to make them as powerful as racing car engines. These engines are unique because they are assembled in Japan with all Spoon parts. This makes them reliable and robust but also quite expensive—costing as much as a new car.

Only the engines at the Spoon factory can be called true Spoon Engines. If you try to assemble one with Spoon parts alone, it won’t be considered an official Spoon Engine. This is because Spoon Sports uses a mix of improved Honda and its parts, focusing on quality and balance to enhance performance without too much changing the basic design.

In short, these Engines are all about upgrading Honda engines to the next level, making them suitable for high-speed and competitive racing.

Why are they Called Spoon Engines?

what is a spoon engine

Spoon Engines are particular kinds of engines made by a company in Japan called Spoon Sports. They started with regular Honda engines and improved their performance, especially for racing cars.

Steps to Make Spoon Motor:

Weighing Parts:

They accurately weigh each tiny part of the engine. This helps make sure that all parts are even and balanced. When parts are balanced, the engine runs smoother and doesn’t shake.

Adjusting Bolts:

They carefully adjust the bolts to the perfect tightness, according to stringent rules. This keeps the engine together tightly and makes it run better.

Improving Efficiency:

The engine doesn’t waste any energy because everything is so well balanced and adjusted. This means it can go faster and respond quicker when you press the gas pedal.

Better Performance and Longer Life:

These improvements help the engine perform better during races and last longer, even under harsh conditions. It also makes the car quicker and more responsive.

In short, Spoon Sports takes primary Honda engines and fine-tunes them with precision to make them powerful for racing. This involves making minor adjustments to ensure the engine runs at its best.

How Can I Get a Spoon Engine?

honda spoon engine

If you’re in the market for a Spoon Engine, also known simply as a “spoon motor,” you might find it’s not as straightforward as picking up other car parts. These specialized engines are known for their performance and quality, specifically for racing and high-performance Honda vehicles. Here’s how you can find one:

Specialized Automotive Shops:

Visit auto shops focusing on performance enhancements and modifications. These places often have connections to Spoon engines or may already have them in stock due to their speciality in performance upgrades.

Online Automotive Forums:

One of the best resources for finding Spoon engines is through online forums dedicated to car enthusiasts and racers. Here, you can connect with others who may be selling these engines or can point you in the right direction.

Reputable Dealerships:

Look for dealerships that specialize in Japanese sports cars. These dealers are more likely to have access to or information about where to obtain these engines.

Automotive Events and Shows:

Car shows and automotive events focused on performance cars are great places to meet vendors and other enthusiasts who might have leads on where to find a Spoon engine. Networking at these events can open opportunities to find exactly what you want.

Direct Contact with Spoon Sports:

The most direct way to ensure you get a genuine Spoon engine is to contact Spoon Sports or an authorized dealer directly through their official website. They can provide detailed information on purchasing and shipping options.

Remember, when buying a high-value item like a Spoon motor, it’s essential to thoroughly verify the source’s credibility. This helps ensure you get a genuine product and a fair deal.


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Should You Consider Buying a Spoon Engine?

spoon engine

If you’re considering upgrading your car’s engine, you might have heard of “spoon motors”. Spoon Sports especially makes these engines in Japan, which are best suited for Honda cars. They’re designed for racing, particularly circuit racing, where reliability and longevity are as important as power.

Here’s what you need to consider before buying a spoon motor:

Type of Racing:

Spoon motors are ideal for circuit racing. This type of racing involves multiple laps around a track, requiring engines that balance power with the ability to run for a long time without issues. A spoon motor might be perfect if you race in events like these.

Drag Racing: 

A spoon motor might not be the best fit if you’re into drag racing, which focuses on raw power over short distances. Drag racing engines are built for short bursts of speed and may not last as long as engines designed for circuit racing.


Spoon engines are high-quality but also expensive. They are built using precision parts and techniques, sometimes costing as much as a new car. If you have a limited budget, this might not be your best option.

Racing Regulations:

If you compete in races that follow FIA Group N regulations, which require cars to have stock motors, spoon motors are a great choice because they are built from stock Honda parts but optimized for better performance.

Personal Use:

You don’t have to be a professional racer to enjoy a spoon motor. Suppose you love driving and want your Honda to have a top-performing, reliable engine, and you have the budget for it. In that case, a spoon engine can make your driving experience much more exciting.

How Much Does a Spoon Engine Cost?

spoon engines

If you’re considering upgrading your car with a Spoon Engine, knowing how much you might need to invest is essential. These Engines are known for their exceptional performance and are specifically tailored for Honda vehicles. The price of these engines varies depending on several factors, including the model of your car and the specific modifications you want.

Starting Prices:

Typically, the cost for a Spoon Engine starts at around $10,000. This initial price is just the beginning, as customizations and specific enhancements can increase costs.

Comparison with Used Cars:

To put it in perspective, the starting price of a these Engine can often be higher than the cost of a second-hand Honda. This highlights the premium nature of these specialized engines.

Value for Money:

While the upfront cost can be steep, the investment in a Spoon Engine can be cost-effective in the long run. These engines not only boost the performance of your car, making it comparable to high-end performance vehicles, but they also improve handling, which is a critical aspect for any driving enthusiast.


Spoon Engines got famous from the “Fast and Furious” movie, where they powered some cool racing cars. These engines are made specially for Honda cars from Spoon Inc. in Japan. They do a lot of work on these engines to make them super strong and fast.

Putting this Engine in your Honda will make your car lighter and much quicker. It’s a great way to make your vehicle perform better, whether just driving around or racing. 


  1. What is Spoon Sports?

Spoon Sports is a Japanese company that started in 1988. They specialize in making parts and tuning engines for Honda cars. They focus on making cars that are comfortable and good to drive.

  1. Why do they call it Spoon Honda?

The name “Spoon” doesn’t come from the kitchen utensil. Instead, it comes from a tricky turn on the Suzuka race track in Japan known as the “Spoon Curve.” That’s why they chose the name!

  1. What’s unique about Hector’s Honda Civics in “Fast and Furious”?

In the movie “Fast and Furious, Hector plans to race three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. These engines make the cars fast, and he adds extra turbochargers and nitrous oxide systems to make them even quicker.

  1. How powerful is a Spoon K20 engine?

A Spoon K20, a particular version of the Honda K20 Type R engine, typically has 220 horsepower at 8,000 RPM. This means it’s solid and can make a car go fast.

  1. What is a Honda Civic with a Spoon Engine?

A Honda Civic with a Spoon Engine refers to a Honda Civic upgraded with a high-performance engine from Spoon Sports. This upgrade boosts the car’s power, making it much faster and more responsive. Spoon engines are known for their reliability and enhanced performance, making them popular for car enthusiasts who want to improve their Honda Civic’s capabilities on the road or the track.

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